For most of his life, Bob Gillmor has been looking to blow stuff up. Now he has made this life long hobby a career. He started out by participating in civil war reenactments and experimenting with cannon making in his spare time when he wasn't at his salary job. In 1998, C. Robert Gillmor from Old Fort, Ohio founded Gillmor Ordnance, Ltd. He bought a foundry and has since been fulfilling cannon orders for customers and producers of motion pictures including Gods and Generals and the Last Samurai. He is also a part of many events like the annual Pyrate Fest at Put-In-Bay, Ohio where he fires cannons every hour to keep everyone's attention.


Bob makes replica cannons small scale to full scale. He also makes mortars, coins, and bells. If you are looking to order something from Bob, give him a call and he will give you more details.